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Private Acting Lessons

Individualized learning is invaluable to becoming an adaptable, well-rounded, and finely trained actor. Learn skills and techniques from a dedicated coach who can assess your strengths and weaknesses and guide you toward a precise path.


Lessons are conducted virtually in one-hour sessions. In-person lessons are also available depending on geographic location. Schedule weekly lessons for comprehensive training in a desired area of focus or schedule as-needed lessons for things like audition preparation or character study.   


Thomas Lindsay holds Bachelor's degrees in Theater Arts and Education. He attended pro-school at The Ted Liss School of Performing Arts. He also studied under David Perry and Jeffery Connors from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Tom is a long-time director, actor, and member of the Actors' Equity with a passion for teaching the true craft of acting. 

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Schedule a free 30-minute introductory lesson! 

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