Finding a good acting coach is like finding a good doctor. 

You want someone invested in you, who can assess your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you in the right direction.

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Children's Lessons

We believe that with proper training there is no limit to what kids can do. We have a passion for educating and know that practicing art as a discipline extends so much further than acting skills. 


With each term, they will work their way up toward a high-level understanding of four principal areas: vocal score, looks, gestures, and body language. And with the progression of skills comes confidence!

5-Week Term: 45-minute lesson, once per week

Tuition: $100 

So Many Things to Learn

•    Classic Contemporary

•    Children's Classes

•    Adult One-On-One

•    Methodology

•    Audition Prep
•    Vocal Score
•    Character Development
•    Classical Training

Meet the Instructors

Thomas Lindsay (ages 14+)

Thomas Lindsay holds Bachelor's degrees in Theater Arts and Education. He attend pro-school at The Ted Liss School of Performing Arts. He also studied under David Perry and Jeffery Connors from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Tom is a long-time director, actor, and member of the Actors' Equity with a passion for teaching the true craft of acting. 

Erina L. Johnson (ages 7-13)

Erina L. Johnson is President of The Kirkwood Players and a 10+ year student of the theater. She studied, directed and assistant directed before teaming with Tom to form a program to provide young adults with classical training. 

Erina considers her life's work and passion to offer children the many benefits of a performing arts education.