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October 6-8th and 13-15th, 2023

ASL Interpreted Friday, October 13th

7:00 PM Fridays & Saturdays | 4:00 PM Sundays

Mario Parente Theater @ Oakbrook Terrace Heritage Center

1S325 Ardmore Ave, Villa Park, IL 60181

About the Show

This classic comedy follows the hilarious misadventures of two friends, Jack and Algernon, who create fictional alter egos to woo their love interests- navigating a world of mistaken identities, absurdity, social satire, and sharp wit.

Roles In the Show

Oscar Wilde set a standard of excellence with The Importance of Being Earnest which playwrights still aspire to today. The play's memorable characters, each with their quirks, motivations, and depths, have always left an enduring impact on audiences. 

Contribute to the Show

Time is one of the most valuable donations to a great production. The Importance of Being Earnest provides ample inspiration for hair & makeup designers and a fun opportunity for stagehands, sound operators, and light operators.    

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