The Kirkwood Player’s founding principle is summed up by the seemingly simple statement: to further the education of all community members through the performing arts.


We believe learning and appreciating a craft is invaluable. Whether you are a performer, technical artist or writer, we aim to provide an environment where talents are highlighted in their truest ability. Grateful patrons bring the heart out of our organization, where dedication, discipline, and heart are required.

The Kirkwood Players loves theater, inspired work, and new ideas. We hope you enjoy the show.

Meet the Artistic Director

Thomas Lindsay holds Bachelor's degrees in Theater Arts and Education. He attend pro-school at The Ted Liss School of Performing Arts. He also studied under David Perry and Jeffery Connors from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Tom is a long-time director, actor, and member of SAG-AFTRA; with a passion for teaching the true craft of acting. 

Who is Kirkwood? 

Fredrick Kirkwood Lindsay. There wasn't a stage he didn't desire, nor an audience he didn't captivate.  

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Did you write an original play?
We want to read it.

The Kirkwood Players is dedicated to providing our community members with an outlet for their creative passions. If you can see your show in lights, then let The Kirkwood Players help get it there.

Your play just might be our next workshop production.