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Announcing Auditions For...

The Miracle Worker

The Kirkwood Players is holding auditions for William Gibson's riveting account of Helen Keller's journey toward unlocking her intelligent mind through language, under the instruction of the extraordinary teacher, Annie Sullivan.

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Sunday, February 26th from 5:00 - 8:00 PM 

Monday, February 27th from 6:00 - 9:00 PM

This is an Open Call Audition. There are no reserved timeslots. Actors are welcome to show up at any point within the timeframes provided. 


Actors will be able to read for all parts for which they are auditioning at the time they are seen.


A monologue is not required but welcome if you have one prepared. Please come prepared with possible scheduling conflicts.

Rehearsals: Sun, Tues, Wed, Sat


*Not all actors will be called for every rehearsal. If cast as Annie or Helen, plan to attend all 4 rehearsals per week. Most actors will be called for Sunday rehearsals.

Audition & Rehearsal Location: 

Westchester Community Church 

1840 Westchester Blvd

Westchester, IL 60154

Performance Dates: April 28th to May 7th 

Tech Week: April 24th to April 27th


Performance Location:

Oakbrook Terrace Heritage Center 

1S325 Ardmore Ave

Villa Park, IL 60181





Call: (630) 456-3372


Based on Hellen Keller's autobiography, this incredibly well-written play went on to win multiple Tony Awards including Best Play and Best Performance by a Leading Actress. The name gained even wider recognition after the screen adaptation won Oscars for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. The Kirkwood Players is excited to produce a play with such strong writing, tenacious characters, and a powerful story.     


The Miracle Worker will be directed by Erina Johnson, President of Kp and someone who is deeply passionate about education in the deaf and hearing impaired community. As a child of deaf adults, she grew up very familiar with the story of Helen Keller. Then, at 10 years old, had the opportunity to audition for and accept the role of Helen. This was her first play and the start of a lifetime commitment to theater. She will be aided by Assistant Director and Kp's Artistic Director, Tom Lindsay, Assistant Producer, Erick Sosa, and Technical Director, Allen Kallas.


  • Annie Sullivan (F) - 18 to 20's - A strong-willed woman, unflinching in the face of doubt

  • Helen Keller (F) - Child to Early Teens - A deeply frustrated but highly intelligent child 

  • Captain Keller (M) - 40's to 60's - Helen's father, a southern man who rules his house

  • Kate Keller (F) - 30's to 50's - Helen's mother,  the compassionate and optimistic figure

  • James Keller (M) - 20's to 30's - Helen's half-brother,  a snarky and sarcastic son

  • Aunt Ev (F) - 40's to 60's - Helen's aunt, a pleasant woman

  • Viney (M/F) - 30's+ - The Keller's servant and additional set of eyes on Helen

  • Percy (F/M) - Child to Early Teens - Viney's child and assistant to Annie Sullivan

  • Martha (F/M) - Child to Early Teens - Viney's child

  • Doctor (M) - 20's+ - Infant Helen's doctor. Will be double cast with Offstage Voices

  • Michael Anagnos (M) - 30's+ - Director of the Perkins School for the Blind

  • Blind Girls (F) - Child to Teens - Speaking and non-speaking roles

  • Offstage Voices (M) - Teens+ - Fragments of Annie Sullivan's memories 

  • Boy’s Voice (M) - Child to Early Teens - Annie's memories of her little brother 

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